ACKS Setting-Specific Class—Oath-Taker (Cleric)

There are no generic clerics in Eíre, but there are numerous diety-specific clerics, one of which is the oath-taker. Oath-takers serve Oath, the leader of the Broken Mountain pantheon.

Prime Requisite: WIS and DEX.
Requirements: None.
Hit Dice: 1d4.
Maximum Level: 14.
Attack/Save: +½ per level.
Saves as Cleric.
Armor: Leather or lighter.
Shield: No.
Weapons: Bows and one-handed melee weapons. Can dual-wield.

Oath-takers can fight with the bow (Oath’s chosen weapon) or any one-handed weapon. They cannot cast spells or use their special abilities while wearing armor heavier than leather or using a shield.

With any bow, an oath-taker gains a +1 attack bonus at every odd-numbered level after first (so 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.). Within short range with a bow, the oath-taker can ambush an opponent as for the Ambushing proficiency.

An oath-taker who takes the Ambushing proficiency can use it for all usable weapons … but with a bow, does backstab damage as a thief of the same level instead.

Oath-takers can turn undead and cast divine spells as a cleric of their level.

Oath-takers cannot lie for any reason. However, they can also “take oath.” To take oath, the subject must swear on Oath’s name to speak the truth, while the oath-taker places a hand on the subject. If the subject tells a lie, the oath-taker knows immediately and the magical effect ends. Speaking the truth (or even remaining silent) has no effect. An oath-taker can take oath once per day per level; each oath-taking can last for up to an hour.

Note that in most urban centers, taking oath is a service worth 5 silver pieces per use; a full-time oath-taker can make roughly 15 gold per month per daily use.

Oath-takers receive a +2 bonus on all reaction rolls due to their reputation for honesty, and status within the clerical orders.

Oath-takers also train in the following thief skills, to better follow in the steps of Oath: Climb Walls, Hear Noise, Hide in Shadows, and Move Silently. They can use these skills as a thief of their level.

At ninth level, an oath-taker can construct a temple stronghold.

Oath-Taker Proficiencies. Acrobatics, Alertness, Ambushing, Apostasy, Arcane Dabbling, Battle Magic, Cat Burglary, Command, Contemplation, Diplomacy, Divine Blessing, Familiar (serpent, raven, or toad), Fighting Style (Missile Weapon), Healing, Illusion  Resistance, Knowledge, Language, Leadership, Lip Reading, Lore Mastery, Military Strategy, Profession, Prophecy, Righteous Turning, Skulking, Swashbuckling, Theology, and Weapon Focus (Bows).


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