ACKS Setting-Specific Class—Black Guard

The Black Guard is an order of professional murderers who do not exist in the service of the King of Broken Mountain. They are definitely not the premier assassins of the realm, nor do they worship Grim Shadow, god of death in darkness.

If they did exist, they would be skilled in one-on-one combat, ambush, and treachery of all sorts. It is fortunate indeed that they do not.

Such a shame about that rebellious duke, though.

Base XP: 2,000 to reach second level.
Prime Requisite: STR and DEX.
Requirements: None.
Hit Dice: 1d6.
Maximum Level: 14.
Attack/Save: +⅔ per level.
Saves as Fighter.
Armor: None.
Shield: No.
Weapons: Any.

Black guards are skilled with all manner of weapons, but cannot use their abilities while armored or using a shield.

While unarmored, black guards gain a +1 on initiative throws and a +1 to AC. The AC bonus increases to +2 at seventh level and +3 at thirteenth level.

They gain a +1 bonus to damage with all melee and missile attacks, which increases by another +1 at third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth level.

They can also backstab—if the black guard catches an opponent by surprise (such as attacking from behind, or after successful sneaking up on the opponent), the black guard’s attack throw gains a +4 bonus, and the dice of damage are doubled. This increases to triple at fifth level, quadruple at ninth level, and quintuple at thirteenth level.

Black guards possess the following thief skills: Climb Walls, Hear Noise, Hide in Shadows, and Move Silently.

Finally, black guards can cast spells as a cleric of half their level (but cannot turn undead). Black guards who are not Lawful lose their spell-casting abilities.

At ninth level, the black guard can construct a hideout stronghold.

Black Guard Proficiencies. Acrobatics, Alertness, Apostasy, Berserkergang, Blind Fighting, Bribery, Cat Burglary, Combat Reflexes, Combat Trickery (Disarm, Incapacitate), Contemplation, Contortionism, Disguise, Eavesdropping, Endurance, Healing,Illusion Resistance, Intimidation, Lip Reading, Mimicry, Running, Seduction, Skirmishing, Skulking, Sniping, Swashbuckling, Weapon Finesse, and Weapon Focus.


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