Eíre Deities—Oath (Power)

Domains. Oaths, honor, and duels; wisdom, cunning, and statesmanship; stealth, shadows, and legerdemain; and serpents, ravens, and toads.

BiographyOath was a mortal thief who became an immortal (called “Serpent’s Tongue” for her occasionally painful honesty) a millenia ago, trained as an illusionist for some time, and then later (“sponsored” by Thoth in a distant land) became a godling. She served Thoth as a celestial oath-taker for two centuries before expanding her services to other gods and, slowly but surely, gaining enough divine favors and personal power to ascend to status as a lesser power.

Avoiding association with any specific pantheon, she instead provided her oath-taking services to a broad spectrum of gods and mortals alike … until Burning Fist (patron of Broken Mountain) broke an oath given to her, and dared her (and those gods who had asked him for the oath) to do anything about it. How she did it is an open question, given the power difference, and Oath has never given a hint beyond “you know I was a thief before I was a god, right?”

That catapulted her domain in importance, however—gods hastily re-evaluated oaths given in her name, and grew more willing to pay well for her oath-taking, and mortals followed suit, until at least in this part of the world, her name and the word oath are synonymous.

Today, she is the primary god of the Broken Mountain city-state, and has become a full power, with a pantheon of lesser powers working under her auspices.


When she appears, Oath is a short woman with close-cropped black hair, intense amber eyes, and dark, olive skin, dressed in somber black robes, boots, and gloves that conceal all but her face. Eleven stones (of varying character) sometimes orbit her head, and she sometimes appears riding upon a large, flying carpet of deepest black.

Oath never lies, and invoking her name while telling a lie is said to bring bad luck, if not certain doom. Even speaking the truth in her name can be somewhat dangerous, however, because Oath does not differentiate between deliberate lies … and just being wrong.

Her left glove is believed to be a glove of storing, in which she keeps Poisoned Tooth, her mythic long bow which creates arrows of solidified mist when drawn back. Her right glove is said to be poisonous to the touch—when she draws her bow back, she taps the arrow with her index finger, and this is enough to give it the power to slay any living thing … possibly even gods. Within the billowing black robes, she keeps innumerable tricks, tools, treasures, and more. The boots are said to be boots of speed. All are said to be made from the silk of giant spiders from the plane of shadow, and that she can become invisible at will. The stones are almost certainly ioun stones, which she is said to be fond of; the carpet, based on court heraldry, is likely 20×20 ft., and as swift as a courier horse.

The statistics above are incomplete, of course, and extrapolated from what mortals know of her history … and even then only apply on the material plane, when she appears as a mortal might.


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